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Watercolor Classes on iPad

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These FREE beginner tutorials will show you a new method to learn watercolors that makes it so much easier to see progress.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete each project and they all include a reference sketch and step-by-step video narration.

What you'll learn to paint:


Daisy Flower

Learn ‘negative painting‘ and how to mix colors to create subtle grey shadow tones on white flower petals!

Goldfish Watercolor Painting


Learn how to create lost and found edges and make your colors pop on a dark background!
Fox Watercolor Painting


Learn to use subtle brush strokes for painting soft fur and whiskers and play with basic watercolor techniques like color mixing, wet on wet, and wet on dry!


Loose VW Bug

Learn to only include what is essential in this quick and low-stress painting. See how much fun it can be to leave out overly realistic details and explore painting with freedom and expression!

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