ATTN: New and returning watercolor beginners! New data shows 90% of watercolor students quit within a year. Discover why this happens and what you can do to avoid the same fate…

"Learn The 3 Secrets That Make it Nearly Impossible for Dedicated Beginners to Fail at Learning Watercolors"

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The danger of “practicing” watercolors (and what to do instead).

You’ve got a busy life with other interests & commitments. With this new method, being an older learner is your advantage.


Why you should only focus on the 5 skills (and tune out all other distractions).

With so much information online, it’s important to know what to focus on and what you should ignore at all costs.


The weird secret that guarantees you’ll improve much faster (without crazy discipline).

This makes painting watercolors feel as automatic as drinking coffee in the morning.


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Why 3500+ Older Watercolor Students LOVE This Watercolor Learning Method


“I last painted 30yrs ago and wasn’t sure I could do it again – but I love that it is so relaxing and it’s my “me time”. Thank you Emily!”


“Whether you are a beginner or pro artist, there is something that Emily has for you. This is an easy recommendation for anyone wanting to learn.


“The Watercolor Mastery membership is amazing! Emily’s daily challenges are fantastic and keep me motivated and feeling accomplished. I highly recommend to anyone!” 


Without Watercolor Mastery, I would never have been able to have the patience and confidence to practice everyday – and I have gotten so much better!” 

Hi, I'm Emily

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tons of time working on a painting… only to have it not turn out.

What I found is that the traditional way of learning watercolor is overcomplicated and promotes “practice” over sustainability and enjoyment.

Most of my watercolor students are older adults who’ve been able to start painting fun things in days not months or years. How? Simply by adopting the 3 secrets I’ll teach you in this webclass.




Learn the 3 Secrets so You Can Start Painting FUN Things & Seeing Regular Progress

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