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This 22-page guide covers the 3 most important watercolor techniques (with step-by-step examples) and shows you a tried-and-true process to make your paintings turn out!

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In this guide, you'll learn...

In this guide,
you'll learn...


Water control: We’ll de-mystify the water mixing process so you know exactly how much water to mix with your paints. Plus, we’ll create a super useful color “cheat sheet” to shortcut the process.


Brush strokes: You’ll learn how to easily control your brush and create thin, thick, and varying strokes. Then we’ll use these strokes to create useful organic shapes like fruit, trees, grass, and leaves.


Washes: Beautiful fades, color gradients, and textures are easier to achieve than you think. We’ll show you EXACTLY how to get these effects and give your paintings that “wow” factor.


We’re not stopping at theory either. No! In this guide, we will also show you step-by-step how to combine these watercolor techniques to create a BEAUTIFUL palm tree sunset painting!

I have gained so much knowledge just in the few tutorials I've done. Even better, I'm gaining confidence in myself as an artist.
Without Watercolor Mastery I would not have the confidence to paint my own subjects. Their teaching technique are by far my favorite!
Not only is Watercolor Mastery getting me out of my comfort zone, but before last fall, I hadn’t picked up a brush in 33 years. This is exactly what I needed!”

Hi, I'm Emily

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tons of time working on a painting… only to have it not turn out.

If you’re going to put in the work, you want to see results!

Well, after 10 years of building my own watercolor skillset and doing hundreds of paintings, I won’t start a single watercolor without using these techniques!

(They’re SO simple to apply, too!)

Download the free guide and then prepare for a LOT more paintings you adore, admiring compliments on your work, and people asking YOU how to get similar results.

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