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Learn To Paint Watercolors EASILY With Our Bite-Sized, Beginner Painting Lessons

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ATTN: Older watercolor learners who are sick of the standard advice to “just practice more!” 

These FREE beginner tutorials will show you a new method to learn watercolors that makes it so much easier to see progress.

It only takes about 20 minutes to complete each project and they all include a reference sketch and step-by-step video narration.

What you'll learn to paint:

Fox Watercolor Painting


Learn to use subtle brush strokes for painting soft fur and whiskers and play with basic watercolor techniques like color mixing, wet on wet, and weit on dry.

Ocean Water Watercolor Painting

Ocean Water

Learn how to mix vibrant sand and sea tones AND learn the secret to creating “white wash” sea foam.

Flowers Watercolor Painting


Learn to use subtle brush strokes for painting delicate flower petals and play with basic watercolor techniques like color mixing and wet on dry!

Sparrow Watercolor Painting


Learn to only include what is essential in this quick and low-stress painting. See how much fun it can be to leave out overly realistic details and explore painting with freedom and expression!

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Plus, you'll get our watercolor Jumpstart Guide...

In this guide,
you'll learn...

In this guide, you'll learn:


Water control: We’ll de-mystify the water mixing process so you know exactly how much water to mix with your paints. Plus, we’ll create a super useful color “cheat sheet” to shortcut the process.


Brush strokes: You’ll learn how to easily control your brush and create thin, thick, and varying strokes. Then we’ll use these strokes to create useful organic shapes like fruit, trees, grass, and leaves.


Washes: Beautiful fades, color gradients, and textures are easier to achieve than you think. We’ll show you EXACTLY how to get these effects and give your paintings that “wow” factor.


And we’re not stopping at theory. No! Inside the Jumpstart Guide, we will also show you step-by-step how to combine these watercolor techniques to create a BEAUTIFUL palm tree sunset painting!

Hi, I'm Emily

Nothing is more frustrating than spending tons of time working on a painting… only to have it not turn out.

What I found is that the traditional way of learning watercolor is overcomplicated and promotes “practice” over sustainability and enjoyment.

Most of my watercolor students are older adults who’ve been able to start painting fun things in days not months or years. How? Simply by adopting the methods I’ll teach you in the free classes and jumpstart guide.



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