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Learn 5x faster than in-person lessons at one tenth the cost.

Lock-in your rate today, and NEVER pay a price increase!

Annual Monthly
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WCM Basic
9 00
per month
$53.88 billed upon purchase
Daily 20-Minute Painting Challenge Tutorial (M-F)
30 Days to Watercolor Beginner's Course
Access to Private Communuity
Cancel anytime
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WCM Premium
16 00
per month
$95.88 billed upon purchase
Everything in Basic
21+ Dog Tutorials
19+ Landscape Tutorials
20+ Portrait Tutorials
14+ Horse Tutorials
20+ Animal Tutorials
17+ Bird Tutorials
15+ Flower Tutorials
Access To New Full-Length Tutorials
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WCM Lifetime
One-time payment
Lifetime access
$499 billed once
Everything in Premium
Lifetime Access
Access To New Full-Length Tutorials
Lifetime Access

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Learning Watercolors Should Be Affordable


College level art courses cost between $1200 and $6000 plus 12 to 60 weeks of your time. In-person lessons cost at least $1200 per year. Yikes!

Watercolor Mastery skips the extra noise and takes you straight to the goal by learning watercolors through painting real pieces of art. All at a tiny fraction of the price.

WCM is just $16 per month (or $11.99 for yearly) for five painting challenges per week plus hundreds of full-length projects and member perks like our 30-Days to Watercolor program for beginners and our member-only community.


College level art courses cost between $1200 and $6000 plus 12 to 60 weeks of your time. In-person lessons cost at least $1200 per year. Yikes!

Watercolor Mastery skips the extra noise and takes you straight to the goal by learning watercolors through painting real pieces of art. All at a tiny fraction of the price.

But Emily’s Watercolor Mastery is just $16 per month for five painting challenges per week plus hundreds of full-length projects and bonus member perks.

But the deal gets even better…

Emily’s Watercolor Mastery is just $16 $7.99 per month (50% OFF SUMMER SALE – discount is good forever) when you join the annual plan!

That’s less than 27¢ per DAY!

So what's in the membership?

There are 3 sections within the WATERCOLOR MASTERY membership. Each designed to help you on your learning journey:




1. Learn the basics


Just starting out?

Attention Beginners: You do not need to have any painting experience to start learning with Watercolor Mastery!

We have designed a super-special course that covers all the watercolor basics.

30 Days Skills

It’s called…

30-Days to Watercolor

and it’s included with your membership.

We created this course so you can learn (or re-learn) the watercolor fundamentals.

From what supplies to buy to techniques like wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry, as well as washes, textures, and even sketching.

Each bite-sized lesson in 30-Days to Watercolor includes simple paint-along projects that teaches these core concepts and allows you to build your skills quickly.

Together we’ll build your watercolor skills and give you a solid foundation to progress onto the Daily Challenges…

Over 3000 artists of all AGES and SKILL LEVELS have grown their painting skills with our tutorials!

2. Build A Painting Routine





The Daily Challenges are a continuous series of small, easy, projects that you can fit into quick 20 minute painting sessions.

Get ready to see AMAZING progress while having lots of fun with these bite-sized projects. A new Daily Challenge is released every Monday – Friday.

That’s right!

5 Daily Challenges

are released


That’s 260 Daily Challenges released throughout the year!

Each is designed to give you a quick win and build your skills FAST. They cover a wide variety of subject matter so you develop well-rounded skills AND a consistent painting ROUTINE.

Plus, with a FRESH stream of new projects you won’t have to figure out what to paint.

Just login.

Do the Challenge.

See progress.

Easy Peasy.

(…while having a TON of fun)

Even if you are short on time, these 20 minute challenges make it EASY to build your painting habit and see your progress grow.

All painting challenges are FULLY  NARRATED video lessons taught in real-time.

All you have to do is show up and paint that day’s challenge!

Here’s just a few of the paintings you will get to do during the year…

And lots, lots, more…

Just imagine how much your skills will grow if you only do half (or even a quarter) of the Daily Challenges!!

And that’s not including all of the Full Length Projects you have access to…

Risk Free for 30-Days

3. Master your paintings


Truly Master Your Paintings

Over 0 + Full Length Projects
Over 0 +

Full Length Projects

Go deep with expert-level instruction in the full length projects section. Whether you’re interested in painting dogs, portraits, landscapes, animals, or other, there are TONS of real-time tutorials waiting to help you inside.

Each Full Length Project takes from 30 minutes to 3+ hours to complete. All are FULLY narrated and in real-time with no skipped steps. These tutorials allow you to go deep into a particular subject matter and truly master the material.

And better yet, NEW full-length projects are being added consistently so you always have fresh projects to grow your skills.

Whether you’re interested in painting dogs, portraits, landscapes, animals, or others, there are TONS of real-time tutorials waiting to help you inside Watercolor Mastery.

Each Full-Length tutorial takes from 30 minutes to 3+ hours to complete. All are FULLY narrated and in real-time and no skipped steps – just helpful action-by-action instruction.

Each tutorial is shot using multiple camera angles too so you can EASILY see what’s going on and never be left wondering what’s happening behind the instructor’s hand.

Like the Daily Challenges, each Full Length Project includes a traceable sketch, a list of all supplies, and all paint colors used.

When You *Enroll* You’ll Get


Designed to Speed Up & Simplify Your

Watercolor Learning Journey!

(Valued at $1,494)

*Premium and Lifetime plans



Color Mixing Workshop

Learn how to mix pure vibrant colors, make a color chart, AND create earth tones using the colors you already have on hand.

You’ll also learn to use primary colors to easily create ANY color you want with the 6 primary color tutorials!

“Emily really inspired me to start painting again. I wanted to try watercolor and I am so thankful for the inspiration and teaching videos. She is a great teacher!”

~Maria E.

“I started watercoloring at the end of May, after watching Youtube tutorials. I found Emily’s tutorials to be my favorite and almost everything I have learned so far has been from Emily.”



Fur Painting Workshop

This workshop offers a variety of fur painting techniques ranging from beginner to advanced. Learn wet in wet and brushwork tricks for fur that will enable you to tackle painting texture on any animal!


Skin-Tones Workshop

Do you find skin tones confusing to paint? This 8-part workshop will help you master ANY skin tone for portraits using just 5 paint colors! Learn to choose, swatch and mix your colors then create 8 different skin tone spheres with the guidance of reference photos.

“Not only is Watercolor Mastery getting me out of my comfort zone with watercolor, but before last fall, I hadn’t picked up a brush in 33 years. Watercolor Mastery is exactly what I needed!


“Since enrolling in Emily’s tutorials, I have learned the language of watercolor. Most of all I’ve learned the joy of painting in watercolor. I encourage everyone to try regardless of experience!”

~Lillian B.


Pet Colors Workshop

If you are wanting to paint your dog or pet but feel confused and overwhelmed on how to get the right colors – then this workshop is for you! Learn to color match any pet quickly and easily using only 6 colors!

Risk Free for 30-Days

Ok, Let's Recap!

Watercolor Mastery includes EVERYTHING you need to start painting your best watercolors right away! When you join you’ll receive instant access to everything you need to start learning and seeing results RIGHT AWAY including…

30-Days to Watercolor for beginners learning (re-learning) fundamental like techniques, supplies, color, washes, and brushwork.


Daily Challenges released every Monday –  Friday (260 per year) to build your painting routine FAST through quick, fun, projects.


160+ Full Length Projects featuring dogs, cats, birds, horses, animals, landscapes, and more!


Bonus Color Mixing, Fur, & Skin-Tones Workshops to quickly master those specific watercolor skillsets!

Member-Only Watercolor Mastery Facebook group to share your work and get feedback from other artists!
Ad-Free Access to My Entire YouTube® Video Collection for easy access and quick reference!

ALL Future Tutorials and Updates While A Member


And much, much more!

This makes everything you get well over $6,800 in value! ($6,813 to be exact). And you can get it all for just $11.99/month when you choose the Yearly Premium plan!

This makes everything you get well over $6,800 in value! ($6,813 to be exact).

And you can get it all for just $16 $7.99 per month (50% OFF SUMMER SALE – discount is good forever) when you join the annual plan!

Risk Free for 30-Days



Why our members love
Watercolor Mastery...


YES! You can cancel whenever you like. There are no contracts or long-term commitments.

You can cancel ANY TIME through your membership dashboard OR by emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll be glad to help you cancel.

YES! You can always upgrade/downgrade your membership.

Just email our team ([email protected]) and they can help you change plans.

No! The price you sign up with will remain the same as long as you are a member. No surprise increases.

There is no better place to be for a total beginner. Before you start the Daily Challenges, I want you to go through the 30 Days to Watercolor program that comes free inside Watercolor Mastery.

From the very first lesson you’ll be painting fun, recognizable subject matter that will keep you inspired to move to the next step.

YES! We offer a price break (25% off) for the Yearly membership. You can see the price savings in the pricing table here.

We don’t offer discounts for Monthly memberships.

Yes! The Daily Challenge lessons are pre-recorded and get released every week day at 12:01am MST and are available for the entire month (plus the whole previous month’s challenges are available too).

The Full Length Projects, 30 Days to Watercolor course, as well as other special workshops inside the program are always available to access.

The only pressure you’ll feel is from yourself, and that’s a great thing!

Nope. You can upgrade or cancel your account anytime – for any reason. If you cancel before the end of the billing period, you’ll retain access until that period is over.

Nope! While you certainly can do your own sketch, you don’t need to because I provide a sketch with EVERY watercolor project!

You simply print out my sketch and trace it onto your watercolor paper. (I show you every step of the process inside the “Getting Started” module)

Bonus Content: I also teach a couple of neat tricks that non-sketch artists can use to EASILY draw outlines of their own photos before painting them in watercolor.

Of course! We’ve got members from all over the world.

There is a complete list of supplies used in each tutorial in the description of every video. If you do not have the exact paper, paints, brushes, etc. that’s OK!

Just use what you have available and try to use colors that are close. I recommend following the “30 Days to Watercolor” tutorial to help you understand your paint colors.

Invest in good quality paper and one or two nice brushes and you’ll be all set!

No! Regardless of which day of the month you sign up, your card will not be charged again until the same day of the next month or year, depending on the plan you chose.

If you purchase the Monthly plan, you will have access to the tutorials for a full 30 days from the day of your payment.

If you purchase the Yearly plan, you have have access to the tutorials for a full 365 days from the day of your payment.

You may cancel either plan at any time.

No problem at all – we want you to be totally happy with your Watercolor Mastery experience. And if the program is not for you, then we make it easy to reverse course.

If you signed up for the Monthly or Yearly plan you can cancel your membership with a single click under your billing page of your account and never be charged again.

Additionally, you have 30 days to request a full refund for any plan. All you need to do is email us within the first 30 days ([email protected]) and we’ll be happy to send your money back.

YES! One of the perks of becoming a member and accessing the reference images and instruction is that you may use your own artwork how ever you choose. I believe every work of art, even if created with the help of instruction, is embedded with your own style and artistic choices.

Please feel free to gift, sell, and exhibit your creations. Keep in mind, however, that if you DO decide to enter your work in competitions, it is usually a requirement that you use only your own original reference images.

Other questions?

Message us using the chat bubble or send us an email.

Risk Free for 30-Days


More Of What Our Members Are Saying…

4.9 rating out of 5.0

July 19, 2024

I am an experienced artist with over 45 years experience painting in watercolour. About 3 years ago I found myself in a complete block where I just didn’t have the will to paint anymore. Because I hardly painted, whenever I did try and paint something my lack of practice showed and I lost all confidence in my abilities, which in turn put me off painting even more. I was on the verge of giving away my art supplies and focusing on my crochet instead. This past Spring I visited my Mum in the UK for several weeks, and as she is an artist too, we spent some time making art together…well, she made art and I mainly watched YouTube videos and made colour charts, chickening out of painting anything much. It was during my YouTube procrastinating that I came upon Emily’s channel. Emily lives in Colorado, where I now live. I watched several of her videos and noticed that she had a watercolour course subscription that included a daily challenge/exercise. When I got back to Colorado I subscribed and started right at the very beginning with the introductory course. Yes, this artist who has sold work and had exhibitions in the past went right back to simple colour mixing theory and basic washes and did every single exercise in that beginners course. Then I went on to the daily challenges, I had some to catch up on as the subscription gave me access to the previous month, but I worked through every one, sometimes 3-4 per day for 2 1/2 months so far. I refused to allow myself to chicken out of challenging subjects (I am primarily a landscape painter, so portraits and animals were terrifying). Emily’s patient, clear instruction on not just painting the subject, but drawing it too, breaking everything down into simple shapes and strokes was excellent. After a few weeks I regained my confidence and started painting my own subjects once again, and also taking my watercolours out and painting plein air subjects without feeling incompetent or embarrassed. Today I tackled a larger scale full landscape painting and was pleased with what I had achieved. I will probably continue with the small daily practices for another couple of weeks, but Emily has given me the confidence to fly on my own again now. I can strongly recommend her excellent tuition skills and I know that if I ever find myself in the strong grip of artists block again that I will be coming straight back to her daily challenges. Because of Emily’s course I have painted every single day for 10 weeks and that has been priceless in getting me back into loving art. Thank you Emily!

Lynda Mortensen
July 17, 2024

I am a very, very beginner! I’ve only been working with watercolor for maybe 3 months. I almost decided to just give it up. I didn’t understand what I was doing. I was watching tutorials and not really understand what I was doing. Then I saw watercolor mastery on Facebook. I saw the group, I read about how I could start taking lessons. I looked at the price, it totally fit my budget. I started on week one and immediately I begin to learn the basics. I begin to learn about paints, brushes, water usage, paper. Then during the weeks that follows and doing the practice lessons I felt so much better. Do I feel like I can be an artist overnight, no. Will my skill increase over time, yes! I feel confident. Plus, the emails that I receive are so Timely and encouraging. I would recommend this course to anyone who desires to learn the beauty and fun of watercolor. Emily is an excellent instructor and you can play these lessons over and over again. Thank you so much

Cindy avelino
July 17, 2024

I love your skills and talent and your talents at clearly teach us about your methods, with generous and well-thought commentary about how to plan for success. I like that you give us background about your thoughts and what effect you are trying to achieve, and how you use your brushes/paints to try to create the many paintings you have shown us.

Mike Craven
July 15, 2024

I would never have been able to paint anything in Water colour. I find the instructions very helpful and the presentations very Relaxing.

July 13, 2024

Loving watercolor mastery. I started watercolor painting in December and after a few months I discovered Emily’s site. My skills and knowledge of watercolor have improved exponentially. I find myself painting for hours daily. I have even attempted sketching most of the daily challenges. My family are so impressed with my progress.

Becky Leumas
July 12, 2024

Watercolor Mastery is the best watercolor tutorial class I’ve tried, and I’ve tried too many. I especially like the daily lesson, which enables me to choose my interest and skip some if I want. I know they won’t disappear after a few days, which is a relief to a working person on schedules – no stress if I don’t have time until next week. The supply list and explanations are clear, you don’t have to know how to draw, it’s helped me expand my color palette and I feel more relaxed about changing it up a bit at whim. I highly recommend!

Lisa Lee
July 12, 2024

I really enjoy watercolor mastery.

Emily is calm and relaxing to listen to. Her methods have really changed my way of doing my watercolors.

I have learned so much! I plan to continue to watch and learn. Such a great program

Jill Haase

Risk Free for 30-Days

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